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Jordan: Camping in Dana Nature Reserve

There are so many beautiful spots in Jordan – from spending the night in the other worldly red desert of Wadi Rum, to exploring ancient and impressive Petra, to floating in the Dead Sea, or hiking in the many Wadis around the country.

I spent some time traveling around Jordan a few years ago, which I wrote about here, here and here. But I also lived and worked in Jordan for a year more recently, during which I didn’t write or post anything! I was so overwhelmed and busy with work (and all the weekend explorin!), that I could never seem to get around to putting any of the photos I was taking or words I was journaling about down.

But back to my point about the beauty of Jordan. It really is such an incredible country, and there are so many places on the tourist circuit to see. BUT my absolute favorite spot and thing to do in Jordan is to hike in Dana Nature Reserve, the largest and only reserve in Jordan, and spend the night at the beautiful Rummana Campsite.

Getting There

If you’re brave, rent a car! Once you are out of Amman it really isn’t that scary, I promise. There are so many spots in Amman to rent a car and it should only cost you around $25-35 a day, depending on what time of year.

Rummana campsight is about a 2.5 hour drive south of Amman, just off the Desert Highway, between the Dead Sea and Petra. Near to the reserve is the 15th century village of Dana, which is a great spot to have lunch in before heading to the camp.

You won’t be allowed to park near the camp, instead you can leave your car at the visitor’s center and then you will be driven down to the campsite.

There is the (cheaper) option to stay in these tents, which fit up to 3 people: around $60

Or deluxe tents, which have beds, a porch and the best views: around $90

From the campsite there are lots of hiking options around the area and the staff at the camp know Dana really well and can provide all kinds of great advice and guidance, depending on what kind of walk you’d like to take. Or you could always hike the 6 hours + down to sea level through the reserve until you reach Feynan Ecolodge, which is also a beautiful spot to say. Albeit very different from the jaw dropping views of Rummana.

Map to different trails drawn for us by the people who work at the camp

Love Love.

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