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24 of America’s Best National Parks

23 of Americas Best National Parks

Keep close to nature’s heart…and break away, once in a while, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean. – John Muir, the Father of the National Parks

The beautiful words of environmental philosophers such as John Muir and Edward Abbey have always inspired me. As a kid and teenager I didn’t have many opportunities to go camping or hiking, but I romanticized the wild of America and it’s something as an adult I’ve loved exploring. Continue Reading →

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My 2017 Travel Round Up

In my 2017 reflections postΒ I talked about how this year has been a year of stability. Mostly because I came back to London from Jordan in 2016 to be closer to Josh. Having a consistent base for more than a year has been really wonderful and much needed. But I’ve definitely still done a lot of travel this year, now just with the best travel buddy there is! This post is a travel round up of 2017 but first, here is my year in numbers:

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Reflecting on 2017: Life Lessons

Asheville, North Carolina

2017, you sure flew by! But what fun you have been (even during those London grey winter months, which I just love to hate).

In mid-2016 I moved back to London after working in Jordan. Another big life change and uprooting. One of many over the past 8 years!

It wasn’t easy to get settled back into London-life and find a job in the city. For a while I worked remotely for the job I had in Jordan. After some major hustle and a million job applications, I finally found work in London at the end of 2016. Josh and I moved in together around that time (another big life move!). By January of 2017 all of the pieces seemed to have come together.

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